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Our solutions

The Trust Suite

We’re creating an ecosystem of products, services, and contents, that empower all stakeholders to build trust in their organizations.


Measure and improve the level of trust in your organization

Seen is an employee survey software focussed on an organization's trust level. Its simple interface lets you build surveys in no time, and the detailed reports contain insightful recommendations to increase the wellbeing and performance of your teams.


Seen is more than an organizational survey, but rather a tool to accelerate HR strategy. Our goal is to create employees and organizations that can think and act autonomously, and we hope that Seen will help individual members change their mindset to "I want to think and do things on my own!” and "I want to take action by myself.

Global Human Resources General manager
Kenji Aridome

OMRON Healthcare Inc

“We have used Seen for internal team building purposes. We feel that having the entire team identify and regularly discuss which values correlate and connect their entire organization in the form of a trust score deepens mutual understanding and benefits the productivity of the entire organization. The trust report is an initiative that we would like to continue internally on an ongoing basis.”

CEO  Akiyoshi Okano

Parame Inc.


How OMRON Healthcare changed their
employee experience

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Cohort training

Cohort-based Training Program leads participants not to understanding but to being capable of executing what they learn through 6-8 weeks.

During the period, they take class and do homework, and discuss with other participants. Our program cultivates mutual learning with each other.

Management training was provided to 100 managers from group companies. Colere's cohort training is not just about theory and knowledge acquisition, but also consists of more practical programs, and the participants' satisfaction rate exceeded NPS70. At first, we were concerned about the online-based style and the length of the 6-week program, but now we have introduced the program outside of management training as well. We will further accelerate our investment in human resources toward our 100th year in business.

CHRO Nobukazu Imai

GN Holdings Co., Ltd.

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Sandra Lin

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Fresh perspectives


Organization transformation program

Colere has decades of HR strategy experience, helping companies transform through better employee experiences.

We offer a 3-month organization transformation program that combines stakeholders research, strategic sessions, and the creation oh HR philosophies.


A conversation with ANDPAD
about company

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