OMRON Healthcare Corporation
Case Study
Increasing workplace engagement by sharing ownership
Health care
December 2022
Omron is on a 10-year project to improve its workplace culture. They needed to start by assessing their current situation.
But not just that. They wanted to also enhance it eventually by improving the trust in relationships. This is where Seen stepped in.
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95% Response Rate
Omron saw first-hand that it’s possible to get a 95% response rate with more than 750 respondents.
Over 10 days, administrators were able to increase survey engagement with Seen’s advance notice and reminder features.
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150+ Teams Participated
With Seen, Omron was able to survey a range of teams.
From teams in management to teams in factories, they were able to reach out to everyone. They had the choice to complete surveys on either desktop or mobile.
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100+ Taking Initiatives
Managers in Omron could easily see how they can improve the workplace.
After the survey, over 100 managers gathered to discuss possible measures to reform the organization. Thanks to the results, they are proactively taking actions.
A male manager from Omron
A male manager from Omron

Why We’re Using Seen

With the ability to measure the current situation, understand the “why” behind it, and take actions, we felt empowered to successfully continue improving our workplace.
ー Kenji Aridome
Global Human Resources General manager at OMRON Healthcare Inc

The Results: Trust Is Tangible and Steps Are Actionable

Omron managers reported that Seen gave them an objective overview of the situation. Even more, the explanation that accompanies the results enabled them to take concrete steps to improve the work environment.
Unlike conventional surveys, results aren’t only shared with the management team. They can be shared with all employees. This inclusive approach fosters a feeling of ownership among the staff and encourages them to take initiatives more readily.

Looking Forward: Further Interventions and Future Focus

Omron is continuing to use Seen to achieve their 10-year goal of improving their workplace.
They shared that they want to use Seen not just as a survey, but as a method to communicate within the organization.