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Teresa Fong

Tokyo, Japan

You in less than 300 characters?

Teresa is a senior product designer at Skydea, an agency in Tokyo. As a designer, she builds apps and websites. But she most enjoys building community. She manages Creative Tokyo, a community with over 2,800 members connecting and finding friends with similar interests.

Can you describe your role in Colere?

As a UI/UX designer in the team, I help detangle the complicated flows someone has to fall into when looking to strengthen or build trust in an organization from scratch. I like to keep careful eyes on content design as well while figuring out what product market fit looks like for the suite of Colere products.

What does trust mean to you?

It means I can *do* the following things: 1. Speak up 2. Enjoy the moment 3. Ask for help

"Most people don't know but I ...”

Most people don't know but I reread Coraline every year. It’s a book by Neil Gaiman, and at first, you may think it’s for children only. Once you read it though, you realize that the layers are deeper than you expect. And each year that you read it, there are new perspectives and even insights on life and enjoyment that you missed from your previous reading. I also tend to read The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster right after because it also highlights how life is more than it seems.

What do you listen to when you work?

【Show Me The Money (쇼미더머니)】 This playlist has all the songs from my favorite South Korean hip-hop TV show. It's straight fire and boosts my concentration by 100%.

What's something you learned recently?

It’s been 8 years, and I’m still learning Japanese. It’s a never-ending journey and recently I decided to watch Detective Conan on Netflix as a way to engage with the language. A character on the show was a 秘書 and I wasn’t sure what it meant until I saw the kanji. 秘 means secret and 書 is writing, so I guessed secretary because they hold many of the CEO’s secrets. I was right!

Any tips to make work fun?

Work is fun when you can inject conversations and human connection between focus sessions! I often go out to grab a meal with folks to laugh, rant and get advice. Even if I can’t meet people in-person, I’m on LinkedIn and Slack striking up a conversation.